Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An Introduction

Welcome to "The Bookish Kind", my first spinoff blog project spawned from the depths of Mr. Controversy (which can still be conveniently read here).  I realize an explanation is in order, so allow me to explain.

As the Mr. Controversy crowd would know, I read a lot.  I have stacks upon stacks of books in my house, and I drive people insane with the fact that I can't seem to stop buying books.  Up until now, one of the fixtures of my blog has been my book reviews, which is thanks in part to generous publishers such as Hachette Book Group and Hard Case Crime, since they provide me with a healthy amount of review copies.  Lately though, I've been thinking of creating a separate blog that would not only house book reviews, but also other literary musings and (hopefully) interviews with people about the printed word.

I have big plans for this outlet, and I hope to see them through as soon as possible.  For now, please be patient as this is a brand new venture and needs some shakedown time.  Let the great experiment begin!

Best (as always),

Mike Reyes (aka Mr. Controversy)

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