Monday, June 14, 2010

The Pilot Season Results Show (and Run Off Election)

It was a close race (though some wouldn't see it as a race at all), but in the end Solar by Ian McEwan won the privilege of being the book to kick off The Bookish Kind's Pilot Season.  In a close second (mostly because my friend Jess cast her vote through Facebook chat just as the poll had closed), The Passage by Justin Cronin (which I eventually just went and bought, no thanks to Random House's Publicity Copy Runaround) will be the second to be read.

Here's where the run off election bit comes in though: The Last Living Slut and The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ are both tied up, leaving a contest for who should be in third place.  So for one day, I will be leaving a poll up for which book should be in Third.  Should this yield another tie (or no result at all), I will select a book as according to my own scheduling preference.  Last, and most certainly not least, Glenn Beck's latest fiction The Ludlum Impostor The Overton Window will be bringing up the rear in last place.  (C'mon people, it's Glenn Beck: America's favorite rodeo clown!  This is BOUND to be comedic gold.)

At the moment, I'm still finishing up Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter for Vamp-O-Rama over at Mr. Controversy, but as soon as that's wrapped, it's on to Solar.  Until then, keep reading.

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