Friday, March 9, 2012

The Cannonball Read IV (AKA Read Free or Cannonball Hard) - Prologue

Well, after an unplanned leave of absence called life, I'm back in the saddle for another Cannonball Read.  Yes, I haven't performed so hotly in these contests, however I still enjoy participating.  Not only does this promote literacy and make reading look fun (and sexy, if you've seen the unofficial mascot on this year's sign up page and have proclivities towards one Michael Fassbender); it also helps us Pajibans remember and honor our dear friend Ms. Alabama Pink, who was taken from her family and friends all too soon by the scourge of Cancer.

So, with her noble, warrior queen spirit in memory; and a shit load of literature planned out ahead of us; it's on.  My unofficial mascot this year is none other than everyone's favorite cop from New York, John McClane; and this year's unofficial title is "Read Free or Cannonball Hard".  With everything in place, and at least three reviews coming in the next couple of days, time to start things off with an old rallying cry...